Balance & Stillness

Choose your primary arm length from: 30 / 80 / 100 cm options

Tap, tap, simple

Highly responsive touchscreen technology with an intuitively logical interface design. Immediate access and effortless operation with just the tap of a finger.

Working More Precisely

The balance-arm maintains the necessary stillness for exposing the sharpest possible image.

Development, Production & Assembly by Takara Medical Company  (Hyogo, Japan)

Made by hand and mind, in Japan

Since 1921 in Osaka, Japan, Takara Belmont has been casting metals for chairs. Almost one hundred years on, still in Osaka, we manufacture every piece of every chair and light or x-ray unit we deliver to market. 

The provenance of our product is thus unquestionable, and the high quality of our products is maintained by the familiarity of eye, hand and mind that comes with our loyal workers. This gives us peace of mind before it gives you peace of mind. 

For our long-standing factory managers, the tireless metalworkers and dedicated assembly-line technicians, the factory is a workplace where minds are relaxed and spirits are devoted.

Belmont Touch

Key features:

control panel

Glass screen
Hand exposure switch
USB port

Sleep Mode
Instant Error Code reports
Multilingual operation system

Phot-X IIS
DC x-ray unit

DC X-ray
Zero-drift balance-arm
Digital and film compatible
Adult/adolescent/child presets
Manual override functionality
Cone length options
Rectangular Collimator
Easy-clean, smooth surfaces
Mounting options

Phot-X IIS
technical features

Tube voltage 60kV or 70kV
Tube current 3mA or 6mA
Focal spot 0.4mm
Exposure time 0.01 to 2.0 seconds